Castello Castriota Scanderbeg

Piazza Dante Aligheri, 73013 – Galatina – (Lecce) – Puglia – Italy

Cell: 3284393102 / 3493575026
Fax: (0039) 0836.563291

Info and reservations

    How to reach us:

    By car
    Arriving from the north, to cover until Bari the A14 freeway. From here continue long south wayside Bari -Lecce.
    To take the tangential West then to take the escape for Galatina (s.s 476). and To enter in Galatina and to head towards the center.

    By Fly
    In airplane you will be to reach the Salento making air stationof Brindisi here you will be to attend the bus that connects the airport with the center of lecce or to rent an car. If you choose the first option you will be able to continue for using the buses of the FSE. (for more information ( )

    By train
    (Trenitalia) Arrives in Salento long the adriatic director (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Arrivals to lecce possible to use the buses of the FSE that will carry to you until Galatina. (for more information )