The Castle, origins from 400, was dwelling of the Princely family Castriota Scanderbeg, original of Albania, getting illustrious from George (1405-1468), prince of Albania and Epiro and valiant soldier.

He is Nicknamed Scanderbeg that means prince Alexander, with obvious reference to the greatest hero of the world classic Alexander the Macedone. George Castriota represented for more than twenty years the surest bastion against Ottoman expansionism in Christian Europe.
In exchange for the servigi rendered to the Aragonesi kings , he has obtained for himself and the own descendants the ducato of S. Pietro in Galatina, and the county of Soleto, in “Terra d’Otranto”, where the family established and remaining uninterruptedly until to 1561.

Beside the Castriota uprise a court , an elegant life, a poetic contest of which it renders testimony, fortunately survivor, the “Canzoniere” of the Vernaleone.
Between 600 and 700 it was residence of the Archbishops of Otranto. Infact the bishop Gabriele Adarzo de Santader (1657-1674) has relocated the administrative center of the diocese in the castle of Galatina. Here he it organized also an intellectual and modest cenacle one which they participated jurists and literates.

The Castle, subsequently was dwelling of the Sanseverino, the Spinola and of the Gallarati Scotti, they in the century XVIII and XIX demolished the ancient towers and in adjacency to the original body,constructed the splendid and the imposing terrace that dominates “Piazza S. Pietro”.